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Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

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    Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

    It could be time to have your tiles and grouts done professionally when your tiles are starting to look a bit worse for wear and you have tried your best to sweep, mop, and clean them. The finished product will not only be appealing, but you will likewise be able to get rid of the hazardous germs that spill and soiling bring about. Who actually has the time to regularly clean their tiles, though? OZ Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne have some trained and skilled tile and grout cleaners who can help you with that.

    We take great pride in being Melbourne’s top choice for providing unparalleled service. 

    Melbourne’s Most Experienced Tile and Grout Cleaning Service!


    We’ll inspect the tiles and grout surface to see if there are any problem areas that need to be  treated differently.

    Best Service

    We proudly accommodate a wide range of tile & Grout Cleaning clientele throughout Melbourne.

    Quality Services

    Get Quality Services with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! No fuss. No gimmick.


    We guarantee that we only use high-quality products, delivering excellent results, every time.

    Experience Team

    More than 15 years’ experience in providing Cleaning services all throughout south east melbourne suburbs.

    FREE Quote

    We are proud to offer FREE quotes for all our clients for our Cleaning services.


    No matter how diligently you scrub, you will never be able to match the quality of our finish. This is due to the fact that cleansing tiles and grout require both specialized industrial equipment and powerful cleaning agents. We are capable of maintaining your tiles and grout to the highest of standards by utilizing specially created cleaning solutions and high-pressure cleaning tools that remove stains.

    We are well-equipped to manage a wide variety of cleaning duties since we manage it all from tile and grout cleaning to dirt extraction to stone cleaning and polishing. Whether it is a bathroom tile, kitchen tile, family room, or pool tile, our grout cleaning, we deep clean and restore your tile looks new.

    You will be astounded by how clean tiles, grout, and hard floor surfaces really do get.

    How our cleaning process works?

    👉 We follow a tried and tested method of cleaning that results in shiny tiles and a grim free grout every single time.

    👉 Our no-fail process involves:

    👉 Pre-treating the tile and grout surface

    👉 Scrubbing the treated surfaces wherever required

    👉 A powerful turbo rinse

    👉 Drying the rinsed surface

    👉 Finishing off with a grout preservation product (optional & extra)

    Call on (03) 8712 1886 any day and any time 24X7 for our tile grout cleaner. Get a professional tile and grout cleaning today from us in Melbourne.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Package!

    Standard Clean

    Maintenance/Refresher clean. Recommended every 6 months,Not recommended for stained or light colored carpets.

    Pre- Inspection

    Carpet Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction Systems

    Pre Spray Carpet Cleaning Solution


    Deluxe Clean

    For Carpet with medium to heavy soiling or stains or light colored carpet not been cleaned since 6 months.

    Pre- Inspection

    Pre Vacuum Carpet Area

    Pre Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution

    Carpet Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction System


    Super Deluxe Clean

    For Carpet with very heavy soiling and stains, it will probably give your carpet a new life.

    Pre- Inspection

    Pre Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution

    Pre Vacuum Carpet Area

    Scrubbing Carpet with Rotary Scrubber

    Carpet Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction System

    Deodorising & Sanitizing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: My Grout is Dirty ! Can you clean it back to white again?

    Ans: We steam clean or pressure clean the tile surface according to customer’s demands. Our professionals use best material and high-quality machines to give desired results.

    Q: How long does it take the sealer to dry completely ?

    Ans: It typically dry in about 2 – 3 hours. However,  this time frame can be extended depending on conditions like temperature and moisture.

    Q: Can I book your service for the same day?

    Ans: Yes, you can but it all depends on our availability. We must recommend to call us (03) 8712 1886 Before book an Appointment!

    Q: Does a clear sealer alter the appearance of Tile & Grout?

    Clear sealers do not affect on tile and grout’s colour, sheen, or the texture. They protect your flooring without altering its appearance.

    Q: How should I clean my tiles after its been professionally cleaned ?

    Basic cleaning and maintenance can be done easily using a mop and a neutral PH solution. If your tile is a unique substantial, we will be happy to provide guidance.

    Q: How often tile and floors should be cleaned?

    Tile and grout cleanings depends on a lot of factors of uses. we recommend looking for tile and grout cleaning services every 1 to 2 years.

    We Cover All Of Melbourne!

    OZ Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer cleaning services in all Melbourne and surrounding areas. Following are the list of Melbourne Suburb we are operational at present. Give us a call today to confirm your location and make a booking.

    Same Day Tile and Grout Cleaning

    The business tile and grout cleaning service offered by OZ Cleaning Solutions offers more than merely support a healthy atmosphere. Additionally, it aids in keeping your house looking tidy and professional so that it can draw visitors. No matter how spotless your home is, filthy tiles and grout will make it appear unclean and unattractive. Having clean floors and surfaces is one of the simplest and quickest methods to make an impression on your new time visitors or guests.

    1. All Certified and Licensed Cleaners

    2. Advanced Equipment and Latest Techniques

    3. Best Service For Tile Restoration Melbourne

    4. Safe Tile Cleaning Services

    5. No Obligation Free Quote

    Give your tiles and grout to the professionals at OZ Tile and Grout Melbourne. Our helpful tile cleaners will also make suggestions on how to preserve your surfaces so they last longer once we have finished the work and you are completely delighted with our service.

    Tile Cleaning

    Why Choose Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne?

    We have a team of the most experienced and hardworking tile grout cleaners in Melbourne. We have the most effective and verified solution for the cleaning process which is all non-toxic and worth using. Also, we provide our services on very affordable charges.

    1. Your Local nearby tile and grout Cleaners.

    2. Skilled in all areas of tile floor restorations

    3. Prolong the life of your tiles under budget price!

    4. Expert in Tile Stripping, Tile Sealing & Re-grouting Services

    5. Floor Anti-Slip Treatment

    6. Concrete floor cleaning, polishing, and sealing

    We can provide our customers with a Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne FREE Measure, Quote, and Demonstration!!! To book our excellent grout cleaning service , give us a call (03) 8712 1886 right away!

    Book Tile Cleaning Service For Same Day!

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