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Carpet Cleaning Glen Waverly

OZ carpet cleaning solution is one of the best and reliable cleaning solutions for people living in Glen Waverly and surrounding suburbs. We are a locally based company proudly serving people for years and making them satisfied with our best cleaning solutions and techniques.

Our cleaning techniques are 100% eco-friendly and environmentally safe. We are equipped with a wide range of advanced equipment and full of professional staff members which make a difference between us and the rest of the companies. Give us a chance to prove ourselves. Book a quote for the same-day service. We are just one click/call away.

Our Carpet Cleaning Packages

Standard Clean

Maintenance/Refresher clean. Recommended every 6 months, Not recommended for stained or light-coloured carpets

  • Pre- Inspection
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction Systems
  • Pre-Spray Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Deodorising

Deluxe Clean

For Carpet with medium to heavy soiling or stains or light-coloured carpet not been cleaned for 6 months.

  • Pre- Inspection
  • Pre-Vacuum Carpet Area
  • Pre-Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction System
  • Deodorising

Super Deluxe Clean

For Carpet with very heavy soiling and stains, it will give your carpet a new life.

  • Pre- Inspection
  • Pre-Spray Heavy Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Pre-Vacuum Carpet Area
  • Scrubbing Carpet with Rotary Scrubber
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction System
  • Deodorising & Sanitizing

Pet stain

As we all know, the residential people having pets at home are facing a problem, one problem which is when your dog or a cat do pee/poo on your carpet. We all clean that but can not clean that as professionals do. The problem is that as a common person we don’t have access to the right chemicals and advanced machinery. we clean that stain as a normal but that is not normal because it will stay in your carpet and can cause bacteria and germs which can lead to serious illness and allergies that’s why we recommend our customers to get the help of professional carpet cleaning Glen Waverlyit is very important to take that stain out and keep you safe from different diseases.

  •   Right chemical.
  •   Advanced machinery.
  •   Keep you safe and healthy.
  •   Remove bacteria and germs.
  •   New technology and methods.

Services provide by OZ carpet cleaning

Oz carpet cleaning provides the following services:

  •       Carpet Cleaning
  •       Tile and grout cleaning
  •       Couch cleaning
  •       Leather polishing
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