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    Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

    Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne provided by Oz cleaning solutions is trusted by people all over the city and we have developed long lasting impression after our cleaning process. On arrival we first inspect the affected areas, and then with the help of moisture meter we mark moisture over the affected areas. If your carpets or furnishing are being affected by flood water then we store and preserve in them in a dry kind of environment.  For carpet and furnishing cleaning we use sanitizer and steam clean it.

    We believe to get your life back to normal as soon as possible. After your valuables are being steam cleaned and dry we relocate them to their places. Our expert would help you in taking extra care for the affected furniture. Next time if your property is affected by flood don’t forget to call us.

    You cannot stop natural calamities and loss cause by natural calamities is always huge and expensive. If flood hits your workplace or home then it’s kind of traumatic event that need to be taken care of. After the flood is over much bacteria and germs are left over in the dust. We drain out the affected areas and sanitize to make it healthy environment. Our professional cleaners are expert and they adapt the best possible methodology for cleaning. We also deodorize the atmosphere so that the stinking smell is not present there anymore.

    5 Reasons to choose Oz cleaning solutions

    • We carry out from beginning to end inspection of contaminated areas
    • Dispose safely any non-restorable materials
    • Dry water damaged area quickly with blower
    • We activate dehumidifiers
    • Use advance technology for quick and effective cleaning wet mud from floor

    Technicians at Oz cleaning solutions are equipped with latest training for cleaning flood affected areas. We do have tools to remove water logged into a basement or a room via water pump, we also have moisture meters, dehumidifier and air movers. Experts would also give you some useful tips in case you are hit by flood again. Some of the quick steps you can take to prevent major loss.

    Customer Love ❤️ Our Service

    Professional Residential and Commercial Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne

    Let us inspect the damage and perform flood damage restoration in Melbourne. Our trusted company offers a satisfaction guarantee and an eco-, pet-, and child-friendly service.

    The Importance of Water Damage Restoration in Melbourne

    Reclaim your home as soon as possible after a flood. The best way to do so is to call in the professionals who know how to get it right from the outset.

    • Floodwater may be contaminated. Take care when you go near it. Wear waterproof gloves and boots, protect cuts and sores if you remove the water, and wash or disinfect all areas that have come into contact with it afterwards. 
    • Prevent seniors, pets, and children from touching the water, if possible, and get rid of exposed food – including cans. 
    • Your priority is to remove standing flood water – with a shop-vac, by hand with containers and buckets, or with a water pump designed to draw it in – as soon as possible. We are ready to assist if you feel that now is the time to call in the flood damage and restoration pros.
    • Empty your home’s drains and create channels for standing water around the foundation to run away from the building into the sewage system. Remove debris from gutters to enable free water-flow into the sewers.
    • Dry moveable items outside in the sun. Fans and a dehumidifier directed towards open doors and windows allow the damp to escape. 
    • Remove and dry water and mud trapped under baseboards, appliances, and cabinets or dangerous mould – that is difficult to get rid of – will take hold in those spots. 

    We will get your house dried out properly with our wet carpet drying knowledge and equipment in Melbourne. We steam clean, disinfect, and restore your rugs, carpets, hard floors, and upholstery.

    Flood Damage Restoration service
    Carpet water or flood damage restoration services in Melbourne

    Problems Our Water Damage Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne Addresses

    We inspect the entire damaged and contaminated domestic or commercial cleaning area upon arrival and mark the moisture affected sections with a meter. 

    • We store wet furniture and carpets in a dry location and steam clean them with sanitiser before putting them back where they belong.
    • Bacteria stay behind in the dust after a flood. Our technicians rapidly drain and dry the locale with blowers and dehumidifiers and remove mud from the floor with advanced technology.
    • We also disinfect affected areas to restore them to a healthy environment – using the best cleaning methods – and deodorise to remove the bad smell. We dispose of non-restorable articles and materials safely.

    We provide on-call emergency services seven days a week. We gladly discuss valuable tips and steps you can take to prevent future flood damage.

    About OZ Carpet Cleaning

    Our team is equipped with the most up-to-date training to clean water damaged areas. We have the necessary tools to remove water from basements and rooms in addition to moisture meters, dehumidifiers, and air movers.
    Contact us when the need arises.

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