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How To Remove Dirty Black Edges On Your Carpet

How To Remove Dirty Black Edges On Your Carpet

Have you ever seen the edges of your carpets seem darker ever before? Maybe you washed your carpet to get rid of them, but those black edges are still on your carpet over the ground of your walls.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re not good at carpet cleaning or that your home’s a mess. A dark edge on a carpet is a very common problem even in the freshest of homes. The sad thing is that vacuuming isn’t sufficient to remove them. But you can get them out with some effort, so you must read about how you will get ride of black edges from your carpet.

How Edges of Carpets Get Black?

The darkness on your carpet around the skirting boards is known as separation staining or swig marks. They occur as your HVAC system pushes air into the room quicker than it can go out. When air circulation can’t get away through doorways, it will bleed through with gaps under skirting boards and stairway treads. When this occurs over a large amount of time, it takes the lead to dark spots at the base of your doors and walls.

How To Clean Dirty Edges on Carpets

Cleaning dark edges isn’t a quick task, so many homeowners hire the carpet cleaning Melbourne services to do it. If you want to get rid of the black edges on your carpet edges yourself, follow the below steps.

Materials Required

  • A vacuum cleaner with the crack tool and brush attachment
  • Clean brush
  • Baking soda 
  • Bottle of spry
  • Water
  • Hydrogen peroxide or squeezing alcohol
  • Piece of cloth

Steps to Remove Filtration Staining on Carpet

Vacuum: Use the opening tool to clean the dark corner at the edge of your carpet. Then, turn to the brush attachment and actively brush the area to untie any dirty scum.

Soak up: Sprinkle a slender coating of baking soda in the darkness. Use the brush to rub it into the strands to get on with the dusty carbon topsoil. Wait for a while, then vacuum it with the cranny attachment.

Spray: spray bottle, mix 3 parts water, with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Do not soak the area or you’ll get wet, which can damage the adhesive.

Blot: Use a clean white piece of cloth to stain the dark side of your carpet. Must use a clean cloth and change it as and when required, so you’re always working with a fresh piece of fabric. Do not scrape. Let the area dry for at least 24 hours, and then vacuum-clean again with the cranny add-on.

Use Shampoo: For most excellent results, shampoo your carpet applying hot water and a carpet steam cleaning process that entails detergent to eliminate further lubricant and white vinegar to place your carpet cleaner all around.


Question: Why are the edges of my carpet black?

Answer: Dirty carpet edges are primarily caused by filtration soiling. It occurs as air flows in a room quicker than it can escape through air circulation systems.

Question: Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean carpet edges?

Answer: Yes, it’s a great choice to use vinegar.

Question: How do you remove the dust-off carpet edges?

Answer: You can use a cleaning brush or scrub brush to dust off your carpet edges. However, that’s not sufficient. You’ll also need to vacuum-clean the area to fully remove the dust.Do what you need to get rid of all dirty edges of the carpet, then take these easy necessary steps to avoid it, forever!

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