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Throw Away That Toothbrush!

Throw away that toothbrush!

Is the grout between your floor tile is accumulating grime?

There’s an easier way to restore them to their original beauty without getting down on your hands and knees!

Tile and Grout Cleaning only $4.50* per square meter.

More than 50% discount for all Melbourne areas.

We follow a tried and tested method of cleaning that results in shiny tiles and a grime-free grout every single time. Our no-fail process involves:

  • Pre-treating the tile and grout surface
  • Scrubbing the treated surfaces
  • A powerful turbo-rinse
  • Drying the rinsed surface
  • Finishing off with a grout preservation product


You may love them but does your carpet?

Our pets are part of our life and we don’t want to leave them out in the cold. Even though they drop fur and drag in the mud, we love having their company inside.

Your furry friends bring in other things like fleas and bugs that can damage your carpet.

How do you protect your carpet from becoming infested?

Fleas don’t just ruin your carpet pile, they carry bacteria that can impact your family’s health.

Once they’re in your home, they are hard to get rid of. Here’s what you can try:

  1. Vacuuming your carpet thoroughly using the nozzle attachment
  2. Vacuum any upholstered furniture in the room
  3. Throw away the vacuum cleaner bag
  4. Clean your pet’s bedding.

Better still, call us today to grab our Special Offers:

3 rooms carpet + Hallway cleaning $66* up to 35sqm. Steam cleaning and deodorizing. Save $39


Check out our Upholstery Cleaning and Mattress Cleaning Specials as well!

Sit back and watch us do the work for you!

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