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Which Room Does Your Family Love The Most?

Which Room Does Your Family Love The Most?

Most homes have a room that gets used more than all the others. It’s probably the lounge or the family/rumpus room. The whole family spends time in there in different ways. It’s a space where you can relax and enjoy watching TV together, play games, cuddle your pets or sit quietly for a while.

You may have had the same carpet in that room for a few years. You’ve watched your children learn to crawl, and then walk over that carpet. Your pets enjoy spreading out to sleep on top of it. You (Your) children’s friends have bounces (bounced) around the room with grubby shoes during birthday parties and sleepover. It’s where your family and friends enjoy drinks and snacks when you get together.

The question I want to ask, is your carpet really clean in your favorite room?

All that wear and tear brings a lot of dirt, grime, and germs into your home. It can leave your carpet looking a grubby or smelling musty, with pet hair piling up under furniture. You’ve done your best to keep it clean with a regular vacuuming and mopping up spills and pet mishaps as they happen. Unfortunately, your vacuum cleaner can only get rid of so much pet hair, dirt, and microbes. Some vacuums suck up the dust only to blow it back out into the air. Mopping up wetness on the carpet surface can leave moisture still lurking between the fibers.

Millions of micro-organisms, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, fungi, and allergens stay locked deeply (deep) in the carpet. That’s a threat to your family’s health and well-being. It’s not just underfoot. You’re also breathing in all sorts of dangerous bacteria! Fungi and molds may be multiplying in your carpet!

OZ carpet cleaning tips for your family’s health

At Oz carpet cleaning, we know how to restore a carpet’s cleanliness using our experience, advanced equipment, and eco-friendly products. We take carpet cleaning very seriously. We’re on hand to do a regular cleanup of your favorite room so your family stays safe and well. However, we’re not there every day so, how can you maintain your carpet in between major cleans to minimize the risk to your family?

1. Get everyone to take off their shoes to keep the migration of dirt and grime to a minimum

2. Don’t scrimp on the quality of your vacuum cleaner. Choose a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) cleaner
that’s designed to filter 99% of microparticles out of the air instead of blowing it out into the room.

3. Clean up spots, spills, and splatters straight away, taking care to mop up the excess fluid with a paper towel
or a soft cloth. Use a specialized cleaning product to clean deeper into the carpet using a firm, gentle pushing
action without rubbing the stain into the carpet.

4. Hire a steam cleaner on a regular basis so you clean deeper into the carpet pile.

5. Choose your cleaning products carefully to avoid commonly used chemicals like perchloroethylene and
naphthalene, which are more harmful than the bacteria they’re supposed to get rid of!

6. Hire a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne who will clean your whole carpet by moving
furniture and getting into all the corners and who uses non-toxic products, protecting your family from toxic
fumes while cleaning your carpet effectively.

If you need professional help, we, Oz Cleaning, may help you! How?
Oz Carpet Cleaning is an established Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. Our carpet cleaners have been trained to refresh and clean all kinds of carpets including, Oriental, Persian, polypropylene, nylon and wool.

We are committed to keeping your family healthy by using eco-friendly products and the most advanced carpet steam cleaning methods. Our hot water extraction process is capable of deep cleaning your carpet fibers to kill germs, bacteria, mites and mold.

We leave your carpet safe for your children and pets because we do not use toxic chemicals and our cleaning procedure speeds up the drying process so you can get back to enjoying your favorite room again!
Don’t be shy about needing extra help to make sure your carpets are safe for your family and not contributing to their ill health. Keep your family, pets and yourself happy and healthy.

Contact our Professional carpet cleaners by clicking our Free Quote.

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