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Life-Saving DIY Hacks To Remove Upholstery Stains

Life-Saving DIY Hacks to Remove Upholstery Stains

Introduction to Greece Stains:

If you are an animal lover, there is a higher probability that you have encountered this problem. For those who do not know what Greece stains are, it is the oil stain left on upholstery after your pet has laid down or met with another “accident”. The first step one should take in removing these stains mainly depends on how old the stains are and whether they are fresh spills or dry stains.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way of removing permanent Greece stains from upholstery, the best solution is to hire professional upholstery cleaners Melbourne. Hiring professional, will ensure that the stains are removed permanently without leaving any permanent damage to your upholstered furniture. Experts refers to cleaning of wicker, rattan and cane upholstered furniture.

DIY Hacks to get rid of stains:

There are some hacks to effectively remove Greece stains from upholstery that are fairly simple to do.

Quick Action:

Firstly, one should know that the earlier you act in removing these stubborn stains, the better chance you have of effective removal. For fresh spills, just place paper towels over the stain and press down with heavy books for about 24 hours.

This will absorb the oil out of the fabric and make it easier to clean up later. You can also use normal dish soap (Dawn is by far the most recommended) which is why many people recommend Dawn is helping in removing these types of stains in general.

If you want something more industrial strength, however, there are several cleaners available that work great if used correctly. To remove Greece stains you must follow the steps which are given below:

Bleach out method:

Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water, and pour this onto the stain. This method will bleach out Greece so if you have dark fabric, it may lighten it up a bit. Allow the solution to sit on there for at least 10 minutes or so, depending on how old the stain is – wait longer for older stains! Blot the area with paper towels and a sponge lightly with water.

For dry stains, place water in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the original stain. Use an old toothbrush to scrub into fabric thoroughly. You can also use hair shampoo mixed with water instead of just plain water which works just as good too! After that, just take your normal washing machine cycle (usually hot water setting) and launder as usual.

1.    Rubbing of cloth:

Dip a clean cloth in the solution and rub it on the stain- this should start to remove the stain immediately. Just make sure to rub it in all the way and get out as much of the stain as possible, or else it will just come back.

After removing any Greece stains from your upholstery, blot the area with a clean cloth dipped in plain water to remove any excess moisture.

2.   Dish soap method:

If that doesn’t work, apply some dish soap to a wet towel or sponge and scrub at the stained area. Then rinse with water and let dry.

Use an eraser, but not an automatic pencil eraser, just a regular one you use for removing pen marks. A Greece stain is ink or oil so if you erase it like an ink stain that will work too! What I do is just wet the eraser and rub it into the fabric repeatedly until the spot comes off. Of course, rubbing too much can cause the color to fade on your upholstery which is why I usually try to remove as much of the grease as possible using paper towels first before using the eraser method.

3.    Removal of leftover residue:

For both methods above, any leftover residue can be easily removed by taking your cloth soaked with plain water again and blotting over stained.

4.    Use of Alcohol:

Finally, use either white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to get rid of any remaining traces of grease stains.

These methods of upholstery cleaning services Melbourne have been around for a long time and have been known to work effectively. Many other DIY solutions may or may not work just as well, but these 3, in particular, have proven quite reliable over the years. If you ever encounter this problem, try out one of these methods and see how it affects your fabric.

For tougher stains, try using baking soda mixed with an equal amount of water for best results.

Precautionary measures to avoid the stains:

To prevent future grease buildup, wipe down upholstery regularly with mineral oil or olive oil before putting away clothes after cooking. Careful not to rub too hard though, as this will make stains more visible.

1.    Avoid from stovetops:

Try not to place upholstery near stovetops where oils can drip onto them from pots and pans, you’re heating up. Grease stains are much easier to clean up if they’re fresh, so try to prevent them from happening in the first place!

2.    Soaking of grease:

Avoid placing greasy plates on top of your furniture when they are still hot by instead setting them out onto paper towels first to soak the grease before placing them onto your furniture.

3.    Candles:

Place candles on glass holders rather than directly onto upholstery so wax droplets don’t make their way into fabric fibers.

4.    Air Fresheners:

Use air fresheners sparingly as strong smells can be off-putting for guests – but if you do want something strong like peppermint aroma to mask any cooking smells, put it in a small spray bottle and spray directly onto fabric.

5.    Laundering of upholstery:

Finally, always launder upholstery before storing them away since oil stains will be even more prominent once they’ve had time to settle and dry on the surface of fabrics.

Our Thoughts

All in all, your best option for getting rid of these pesky bugs is to call professionals. They will come to assess the situation and make a plan tailored specifically to your needs. Professional cleaners and Upholstery cleaning Melbourne are trained on how to remove these stains without harming you or any other individual who may be living with allergies. If you want peace of mind that this job has been done correctly then talk to a professional today. They provide effective carpet cleaning services that will leave your house spotless.

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