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How To Turn Your Old Tile And Grout Into New?

How To Turn Your Old Tile And Grout Into New?

People who got tiles floors are mostly thought that vacuuming the floor on daily basis is enough for tiles to remain cleaned and in top condition but that’s a confusion. You need to vacuum your tiles on daily basis also do mopping twice a week that will help you to keep your tiles and grout in a good condition for quite enough time. People normally vacuum the floor somedays a week and think it’s enough but to maintain your tiles and grout to be in a good condition for the long term, you need to vacuum and mop your tiles quite regularly, otherwise, you must pay a price to get back your tiles and grout in a good condition.

We all just keep the focus on tiles only and in general we don’t know or don’t care about the grout. Grout is an important part as well because it is made of cementing material it has the ability or absorb water and other acids. You must make sure you use the right detergent for tile and grout cleaning, otherwise it will reduce the life of your tiles as well.

Here are a few steps that will help you to maintain your tiles and grout.

Sandpaper for grout cleaning

When you try to clean the grout with the help of different brushes and other general ways of cleaning like wet cloths, if these ordinary methods of cleaning do not give you a positive result, we suggest you clean the grout with the help of sandpaper. Fold the sandpaper and try to clean the dirt in the grout only thing you must make sure of is that do not scrub the tiles with sandpaper it will leave marks on your tiles. As result, your tiles will not shine anymore, and marks will be visible clearly.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum is the easiest and simple way of cleaning in every home and office. Vacuum is a part of every home and office and most people use vacuum for the cleaning process. It depends on how often you vacuum your floors. Some people vacuum their floors twice a week, but we recommend vacuuming your floors on daily basis it will help to keep your tile and grout clean and always gives a fresh look.

Usage of vinegar/baking soda and water for grout cleaning

If you think the dirt on your tiles and grout is not removed from ordinary methods of cleaning, the best possible solution is to use water and vinegar. The process is taking an equal quantity of water and vinegar and stirring it properly until it dissolved fully. Once it is dissolved spray it over the floor and leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes and make sure no one walks over it. Now soft scrub the sprayed area with the help of a brush and leave it for some time. After that wash that area with the help of warm water you will see the results.

The important thing to note here is that the solution is only usable for non-marble tiles and flooring if you have marble tile and flooring you may use baking soda for that not vinegar.

Floor mopping

As we all know with our daily busy routine, we get lazy sometimes to cleaning and mopping the floor, but it is very important for tiles and grout to be mopped at least twice a week. We suggest that if you want to maintain your tilling floor for a long time you must mop your floor twice a week. The proper use of mop is using the warm water, it will help you keep the hygiene and kill the bacteria and germs from the floor also keep the tiles and grout fresh and new.

Deep cleaning for the floor

Vacuuming and mopping is a part of the floor cleaning process it does help in cleaning somehow, but it is also important to deep clean the tiles and floor at least once a month, so you are able to clean every corner of your floor to remove the leftover dirt remaining in floors and grouts. We recommend deep cleaning your floor once a month to keep your tiles floor look fresh as new.


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