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How To Steam Clean A Couch: Top Couch Cleaning Tips From Expert

How To Steam Clean a Couch: Top Couch Cleaning Tips from Expert

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean up furniture without the necessity for chemicals or outlay energy on pulling all the covers off, and then trying to get them back on over.

When cleaning a sofa or couch, there is a variety of methods you can take reliant on the material, its size, how often it is used, and by whom. But there is frequently no more forthright process than using a great steam cleaner.

Here, professional upholstery cleaners have explained how to steam clean a couch properly for a deep clean, and why it is so useful.

How To Steam Clean a Couch

Before steam cleaning a couch, it is best to check that your furniture can resist high temperatures and humidity. Most of the couches can be steamed; however, expensive pieces or adapted furniture may need more slight care.

Before steam cleaning your whole couch, consider the steamer on a small discreet area of the furniture first to check for any opposing effects.

Vacuum Remove Hair and Crumbs

Vacuuming furniture offers a great outward clean for upholstery, and should be the first step before undertaking any other cleaning technique, says Jasmin, cleaning expert at OZ Cleaning Solutions. Always check you are using the correct upholstery addon on your vacuum and use a beater brush to help pull dirt away from the exterior and the satisfaction.

To streamline the progression and make it more effective you can also remove pet hair before steam cleaning your couch. This extra step will ‘prevent any hair from getting stuck in the machine and allow the steam cleaner to breach deep into the fabric of the couch.

Use A Dedicated Steam Cleaner for Upholstery

There are numerous things you can clean with a steam cleaner with many copies approaching with several add-ons for effective and safe cleaning without the need for modern tools or machines. Yet, using a Professional upholstery steamer is best when dealing with a piece of furniture as slight and as important as our couch or sofas,’ says an upholstery cleaning expert.

‘Selecting the right couch steam cleaner will ensure that you delicacy your sofa with the right temperature water air to efficiently clean your upholstery.

Pretreat Stains Before Steaming

As with cleaning any fabric material, pretreating stains will always lead to superlative results. The fabric on your furniture is not the same as your clothing, however, and some standard stain cleaning approaches you should never use on a fabric couch.

Given that steamer clam only uses water, pretreating can help to dodge having to go over the same spot numerous times the couch, points out upholstery cleaning Professionals.

Allow It to Air Dry after steam cleaning

After upholstery cleaning Carrum Downs with a steam cleaner, letting it dry is the most time-consuming process. it is best to leave the couch in a well-ventilated outdoor space on windows on a warm day, as recommended by Jasmin.

If you use a carpet cleaner, then you may be able to use the water pressure function to help pull any excess water out of the couch very carefully if your necessity is to dry more quickly. You should test this technique on a small, unseen area first to check that the add-on or suction doesn’t hurt the fabric.

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