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How To Clean Dog Pee Off Carpet ?

How to Clean Dog Pee off Carpet ?

Pet’s can be a man’s best friend that brings joy and happiness all along. However, if not taken proper care of things can get a little messy for oneself. Commonly all over Melbourne, numerous people own pet dogs and cats. If trained properly, one can avoid the disaster that can be caused by their loving four-legged. Sometimes, whatsoever, your pet can be a little disobedient and cause a huge mess on your carpets which leave behind a fetid smell. We want to get poop stains out of your carpet

This not only leaves behind a bad odor but also a stain that takes a lot to clean. If not this stain can cause you a handful of embarrassment, and the odor would only add up to the mess. Here were to let you know of home remedies and effective chemicals that can be used to get rid of the muss. 

Home remedies

First things first. If the area where your pet has urinated is still wet, it is important to immediately cover the area with a clean towel. If not, paper towels work the same. Once sure that the remaining wetness has been absorbed by the towels one can move on to the next step. 


  • Vinegar Solution: After making sure that all the extra moisture has been sucked up by the towels, the next step is to make a vinegar solution. This solution contains one part vinegar and one part water. Pour down the mixture or spray on the affected area. Once the vinegar solution is absorbed by the carpet scrub on the particular area lightly and pat it dry with a clean cloth. 
  • Baking Soda: To get rid of the foul smell, it is important to make sure that you must cover the area affected by your pet with baking soda. After patting dry the vinegar solution, add a handful of baking soda to the urinated area and let it sit and deodorize for 24 hours. 
  • Dishwashing Detergent and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution: After making sure that the baking soda has been set down for approximately 24 hours, you should apply hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent solution. Onto the area, where affected, it is helpful if one covers the area with the diluted is very easy and effective for bad odor. In a container mix one and a half cups of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent along with one part water. Shake the container well and spray the content on the area where it has been affected by your dog’s waste. Make sure to spray the solution on the baking soda and scrub on the affected area gently. 


In a quick summary, homemade remedies are effective and very useful when thinking of ways to carpet clean after the mess of your pet. Some items that will be useful during the process are mentioned below: 

  • Dish sponge: Stubborn stains like dried urine and excrement should be blotched with a dish sponge to slacken their hold on cover strands. An ocean sponge or old cloth is likewise acceptable other options. 
  • Toothbrush: To work in the cleaning arrangements, a delicate seethed brush like a toothbrush is affordable and proficient. Ensure that you wear gloves too to secure your skin while cleaning. 
  • Vinegar: This normally acidic fixing is presumably in your storage space and is one of the most valuable family cleaning specialists. It is acceptable for lifting and sanitizing stains. 
  • Baking soda: This normal deodorizer is normal in baking. This is generally applied during the last strides of stain cleaning to lift pet smells.

Chemical and Other Products

Apart from the homemade remedies, many other chemicals and products can be used to help clean bad odor and urine stains from your carpets and rugs. Commercial carpet cleaners in Melbourne use many methods to help you clean after your loved pet. Not only that but upholstery cleaners in Melbourne are also popular making it very easy to benefit from them. Along with these, there are other tools and chemical products that can be helpful. We have mentioned a few of them below that might be helpful for your use.


  • Carbona’s Oxy-Powered Pet Stain & Odor Remover: This is an enzyme-based cleaner that helps remove dog pee stains and counterbalances odor which keeps pets from returning to the scene for continuous incidents. 
  • Rocco & Roxie’s Stain and Odor Eliminator: As the name suggests, it is also an approved alternative trusted by pet owners to remove urine stains and smells. It is also considered one of the best carpet cleaners for old pet urine stains. 
  • Unique Natural Products Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator: Just as its name, unique natural pet odor, and stain remover is very handy to owners of these four-legged. It not only helps with the bad odor but also helps pick out even vomit and feces stains. 
  • Wiz B Gone Pet Stain and Odor Remover: This product is made up of both non-toxic and non-recyclable elements and works amazingly on all kinds of surfaces, including floors, furniture, and upholstery.
  • Resolve Urine Destroyer Spray: This is a product that is low in cost but works nothing less than an expensive product. This stain and odor remover chemical is usual for gross urine scent spread around your carpets and rugs. It breaks down the foul stench coming from the area to prevent pets from remarking the area all over again.
  • Nature’s Miracle Oxy Set-in Stain Destroyer: Many times one does not instantly find out the mess their dogs might have created, allowing the urine to dry out and leave behind a stubborn stain and smell. This product is designed to remove old urine stains, by penetrating deep into the carpet and removing the stains.


Although not always do pets like cats and dogs cause such troubles, however, if they do in the future now you are aware of both the chemical products and tools as well as the homemade remedies that you can benefit from and not worry much about the stains on your carpets and rugs. You’re needing expert carpet cleaning services Melbourne, call the specialists at OZ Carpet Cleaning. We have the right information, gear, and great items that will get out even the hardest stains so your floor coverings can put their best self forward.

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