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7 Tips For Removing Pet Urine Smell And Stains From The Carpet

7 Tips for Removing Pet Urine Smell and Stains from the Carpet

Everyone loves their beloved ones and when it comes to pet animals, what could be better than that. But the urine odours and stains they leave irritates everyone. It seems quite difficult to get rid of these urine stains and odours, so here we are going to provide you with 7 best tips to remove pet’s urine odour and stains from the carpet cleaning Melbourne.

Clean the Pet Urine As Earlier As Possible

Pet urine become a problem as it remains on the carpet which suggests that we need to remove it as soon as we have noticed it for the first time. Blot with a clean towel or rag to stop the urine from seeping deeper into the carpet.

Don’t Use Any Product that Contains Ammonia in It for Cleaning Pet Urine

When you are working to clean the pet urine from the carpet, especially cat urine averts any cleaning products that contain ammonia in it. As cat urine contains the ammonia in it, so it will make your cat repeat the offence in the same spot.

Best Pet Urine Deodorizers

Vinegar is the best deodorizer for removing the pet urine stains and odour from the carpet. To remove pet urine stains from the carpet with vinegar, mix one part of lukewarm water with one part of vinegar. Spray the vinegar solution onto the carpet (or you can also pour it) and clean it with a scrub brush. Clean and let dry, then scatter with baking soda and vacuum it up.

Be Furtive with Toys and Food

It’s a well-known fact that cats and dogs do not like to urinate in an area where they play or eat. As you’ve completed the cleaning, and as the area dries, place some toys and food bowls in that place to prevent any repeat performances.

Add Greenery to Your Place

The most appealing way to remove pet odours naturally is by adding greenery to your house. Plants will naturally purify the air and detox your home. Before going to buy new plants for your home, make some research on which plants are pet-friendly.

To Get Rid of Pet Odors Change the Filters Regularly

It is always essential to remove and change the filters of your AC to get rid of pet odours.  If you’re not regularly changing the filters often enough, those bad pet smells will just keep moving throughout your home sweet home.

Try to Wash and Clean Your Pet’s Bedding Every 2 Weeks

It mostly happens that pet’s owners often forget to change and wash their pet’s bedding, Odors from the bedding can overhaul your pet and the whole house! The only way to get rid of these bad odours is to clean and wash your pet’s bedding every 2 weeks.

Avoid Heat and Hot Water

It is mostly believed that hotter the water the better than stain will remove; however, you want to avoid using steam cleaners or hot water on Pet urine stains as the heat can permanently set the stain and odour by bonding the protein into any man-made fibres.

The Best Materials to Remove the Stains and Odor of Pet Urine from the Carpet

Below are the best solutions to remove cat urine smell and odour from the carpet:

First, use water and baking soda; combine these two ingredients to make a paste in a small bowl. Apply this paste to the affected area of the carpet. It will be always best to use gloves to avoid any direct contact with the urine stains.

Second, spray enough distilled white vinegar over the area of the carpet to cover the stain. Use paper towels or a clean towel, and press the stain to blot up any moisture. Now rinse the stained area with water and blot using a towel. You can also use a hairdryer; try to dry the carpet with it for a few minutes.  The vinegar smell may penetrate around for up to four to five days, but then the urine smell will disappear from your place.

Below are the best solutions to remove dog urine odour and stain from the carpet:

Take a substantial amount of cornstarch and apply it directly onto the dog urine stain. After allowing the cornstarch to sit for about 30 minutes, rinse the area affected area of the carpet with water. Use paper towels or a clean towel, and press the stain to blot up any moisture.

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